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Gold Tip Arrows proudly offer dedicated bowhunters a solid selection of carbon hunting arrows designed to perform in any application. Gold Tip Archery caters to any bowhunter’s needs, providing light weight and high speed in the Velocity line, small diameter size and hard hitting performance in the Kinetic line, or all-purpose consistency in the Hunter line. Gold Tip archery's proprietary 100% carbon construction process yields an arrow shaft that is not only straighter, more consistent, and more durable out of the box than any other, but also a bow hunting arrow that will stay straight shot after shot. Gold Tip Arrows – The Toughest Arrow You'll Ever Shoot.

Mail in Rebate - For a limited time only (July 1 -Aug 31 2017), save $20 on any 1 dozen of Gold Tip XT Hunter Shafts or XT Hunter Arrows arrows. See details and mail-in-rebate form here: GoldTip Rebate Form

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