Elk101.com Bugling Bull Elk Call Combo Pack
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Elk101.com Bugling Bull Elk Call Combo Pack

Elk101.com Bugling Bull Elk Call Combo Pack

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  • Bully Bull Extreme Grunt Tube
  • Temptress Cow Elk Call
  • Bugling Bull All Star Elk Diaphragm
  • Bugling Bull Elk Call Combo Pack
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  • Package includes: Bugling Bull Bully Bull Extreme Elk Tube (1), All Star Diaphragm Elk Call (2), Temptress (1)
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  • Manufacturer Warranty: Materials/Workmanship Lifetime Guarantee
  • Manufacturer Item Number: C25, C1, C50

Save $10 AND receive FREE SHIPPING when you buy the Elk101.com Elk Call Combo Pack. This pack has a $70 value but is sold together for $59.95! It includes the Bully Bull 'EXTREME' Grunt Tube, the popular Elk101.com Temptress cow call, and 2 Elk101.com All-Star Diaphragms...everything you need to get close to the big bulls this fall!

The Bully Bull ‘Extreme’ grunt tube is designed for use with diaphragm calls. With a new, larger diameter mouth-opening and tapered venturi design, the Bully Bull ‘Extreme’ creates consistent airflow with ideal back pressure for easier to obtain octave changes.

Single light latex. Bull, cow & calf sounds. The All-Star might be the most versatile diaphragm elk call….ever! A collaboration of designs by World Champion Elk Callers Rockie and Corey Jacobsen, the Elk101.com “ALL-STAR” Tone Top Diaphragm creates the most realistic, easy-to-obtain elk sounds with ease. This is an Elk tone top diaphragm.

The “Temptress”, the cow call that helped win the 2011 RMEF elk calling contest. Designed by Rockie Jacobsen, this Elk101.com signature series cow call was used by the winners of the Professional, Men’s & Women’s Division at the 2011 RMEF Elk Calling Championships. “Temptress” utilizes the innovative “Tone Cap”. The most realistic cow call ever for no-stick response every time. To use, simply place your top lip over the reed, positioning your lip against the “Tone Cap”. Softly blow air over the reed to obtain sweet cow/calf mews. Firmer lip pressure creates higher pitches, while less lip pressure results in deeper pitches. The squeezable end cap , as well as the holes in the “Tone Cap”, can be used to change the tone, pitch, and volume of the call.

Video - Bully Bull Extreme Grunt Tube

Video - Elk101 All-Star Elk Diaphragm

Video - Bugling Bull Temptress Cow Elk Call