Heads Up Decoy Tom Turkey Decoy

Heads Up Decoy Tom Turkey Decoy

Heads Up Decoy Tom Turkey Decoy - open
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  • Brown

  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Warranty for Manufacturing Defects
  • Manufacturer Item Number: TT-600

The Heads Up Tom Turkey Decoy has been revolutionary in turkey hunting. We understand there are more "realistic" looking tom turkey decoys on the market...also much more expensive, but forget everything you know or have been told about bow hunting turkeys and give the Tom Turkey decoy the opportunity to disprove all the myths you've been told about turkeys.

Take your turkey hunting to a new level of aggressiveness and throw that ground blind and bulky 3D decoys in the attic. For under 50 bucks, you will get years of use and unforgettable moments every spring...and FALL with this decoy. We figure most turkey hunters have chucked out a hen decoy and offed a tom...which is why it does not include a fan. Use a real turkey fan, Jake or Tom, and slide it into the fan slot, clip it in, and get aggressive.

The Tom Turkey decoy is sold with a ground stake for traditional hunting, but our unique design allows the "fan slot" and decoy to slide along the internal support frame so you can change the angle of the handle and slide it into our Bow Mount Accessory (sold separately).