Rinehart Jimmy Big Tine 3D Archery Whitetail Target

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  • Height: 48"
  • Length:40"
  • Simulated Weight:100lb
  • Real life sculpted features
  • New standard in deer targets
  • Solid FX Woodland Foam body
  • Solid Signature Foam replaceable insert
  • Compound and crossbow compatible

Product Description

The Rinehart Jimmy Big Tine is part of Rineharts Woodland Series. The Woodland Series targets continue to be among Rinehart's best selling and most popular targets, offering customers lower retail price points that allow even more archers to experience the realistic durability of a Rinehart target.

Not only do these targets look impressive, they perform accordingly with the ability to take on your toughest shots from both compound bows and crossbows without breaking or tearing.