Rinehart Mr. Perfect Woodland Whitetail 3D Archery Target

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  • Dimensions: 59"H x 36"L
  • Simulated Weight: 125 lbs
  • Realistic sculpted and airbrushed features
  • Solid foam body is durable and weatherproof
  • Replaceable inserts extend target life

Product Description

The Rinehart® Mr. Perfect 3D Deer Target lets you line up a perfect shot on the ultimate target of a life-size buck. This Rinehart target is a full-size, 3-dimensional whitetail deer made of heavyweight foam for use in crossbow target practice. Mr. Perfect has sculptured features, airbrushed details, and a durable FX Woodland foam body that's weatherproof and self-healing. You'll get realistic shot angles to help develop real-life shooting skills. Replaceable Solid Signature foam inserts extend target life, and scoreable markings indicate proper arrow placement. The Rinehart Mr. Perfect 3D Deer Target is compatible as a crossbow and compound bow target.