Crispi Hunting Boots

Crispi Boots are designed for backpacking, trekking, hunting, mountaineering, climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities. Made by hand in Italy, and tested through-out the world including the Alps, Rockies, and Himalayan Mountain Ranges. Each Crispi hunting and leather mountaineering boot offers their exclusive Crispi hunting boot Technology package that includes, uppers made out of Full-Grain leather, GORE-TEX Insulated Comfort and Technological linings, insoles with differentiated structure, Ankle Bone Support Systems ABSS, Crispi Skeleton Frame CSF, Dual Tech Lining system DTL, Super Grip Technology, Single Wave Construction SWC, Wave Wrapping Framework WFW, Crispi Crossbow Frame midsoles CCF, Vibram soles with shock absorbing mid-sole.

For a complete dive into the Crispi brand, be sure to check out their YouTube Channel where they have all the specs and features of all boots HERE

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Crispi Hunting Boots

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