Sirui W-2204 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod with VA-5 Ultra-Compact Video Head

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  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Sections: 4
  • Tube Max Dia: 29.4mm/1.2inch
  • Tube Min Dia: 18.6mm/0.7inch
  • Min Hgt: 155mm/6.1inch
  • Max Hgt: 1470mm/57.9inch
  • Max Hgt Ext.: 1800mm/70.9inch
  • Retracted Height: 560m/22.0inchm
  • Folded Height: 520mm/20.5inch
  • Monopod Max Height: 1770mm/69.7inch
  • Monopod Min Height: 470mm/18.5inch
  • Weight: 1.7kg/3.7lb
  • Load: 18kg/39.7lb

Product Description

W-Series tripods are designed with waterproof and dustproof materials. The rubber locking components can firmly grasp the legs to eliminate gaps for preventing water, dust or small particles from entering the legs or locking mechanism. The waterproof (not just water resistant) system lets you safely shoot in extreme enviromental conditions including directly in water, sand or dirt.
  • The legs can be easily folding up 180° for easy compact storage with ball head attached.
  • Remove the detachable leg from the tripod, install the extra (supplied) platform and wrist strap to the leg for converting to a monopod. Also attach long section of center column to maximize the height of the monopod
  • The Center Column is two sections. Perfect for full height shooting of with the bottom removed. It is excellent for low angle shooting.