Truglo Titanium X Large Game 2 Blade 3 Pack Fixed Broadheads

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  • Increased penetration on thick-skinned game
  • Grade 5 CNC-machined titanium ferrule
  • Tough .031 in. thick stainless steel blades
  • One-piece ferrule for accuracy and consistency
  • Spin-tested for optimal flight performance
  • Sharpness tested
  • Spare set of blades included for practice or hunting

Product Description

Whether you are hunting moose, elk, deer, or hogs, some animals require just a bit more. On any large game animal, a broadhead that hits harder and pushes a bit further is never a bad thing. A tough grade 5 titanium tip and a rigid double-bevel stainless steel blade punches through hide and bone. Quickly and easily change blades to keep a razor sharp edge without having to re-sharpen. TRUGLO blades are precision sharpened and easy to replace, allowing you to practice with real blades and then have a fresh edge for your hunt.