Tyto Knives

Tyto Knives - Ultra Light. Ultra Sharp

Replaceable blade knives are a quickly growing marking in the hunting industry and it's because their weight, ease of use and ability to not have to worry about sharpening your knife in field. Tyto took the same concept but created a Replaceable Knife made out of a Durable One Piece Stainless Steel Construction that is incredibly easy to clean, and is pretty much weightless coming in at 1.5 oz... That's crazy... Aron over at Gritty Bowmen has been using Tyto for quite a while now and was the major influence to adding it onto BlackOvis and we're excited to be offering them to all of you. You'll quickly fall in love with how light and surprisingly how great it feels in the hand. Pick one up today with Free Shipping and experience a world of difference! Tyto Knives - Ultra Light. Ultra Sharp

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