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  1. Choosing Phelps Game Calls

    Created by Jason Phelps in 2009, Phelps Game Calls took off quickly and is one of the most recognizable has trusted names in elk calling. As the product line has expanded, it can get a little overwhelming to figure out the difference between all the diaphragm calls, bugle tubes, and external elk calls! In this latest video podcast, we called Jason Phelps up to ask him just that. Watch below as we cover the entire line of elk calls from Phelps. Watch below Continue reading →
  2. 2020 Hunt EXPO - Guess The Score Results!

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Western Hunting and Conservation EXPO in Salt Lake City UT this year! We're excited to announce the giveaways from the Guess the Score elk we were featuring in our booth. Here's a recap of what was on the line: The gross score of this bull was 397! Since there was...
  3. Colorado Elk 2018

    (Submitted from BlackOvis Customer Glen Gust) It all started late December 2017 when told my wife that September 2018 was going to be the year I wanted to go on my first elk hunting trip. I shared my thoughts with an older brother Rollin that had just started archery hunting after a number of years of being off. He was on board. At the time I was 55 and my brother was 64. Also by May Carrie my wife joined forces. Shortly after I had made my decision I became a member of Elk101 and was getting into the online course. The course is so well thought out and I really enjoyed getting into all the information. I loved all the planning and research that goes into a backcountry hunt. From learning to call, to what goes into a pack ready for the back country, clothing and footwear, what state to hunt?? Wow, I could tell I hadn’t started too early. The big thing about Elk101 that really helped me was all the really pertinent information all condensed in one place. It was so accessible. Another thing that was so helpful was all the other resources that Cory was linked up with. gohunt, OnX, EXO, Rocky Mountain calls BlackOvis, MTN OPS, all of them we subscribe to or have purchased from them. From diet changes to a major change in our exercise program it was charge time. A quote that OnX had on their cover page last summer and fall became our motto, “Success favors the prepared”. We did our best to leave no stone unturned. Along the way we always seemed to be enjoying our new adventure no matter what challenges we faced along the way. Continue reading →
  4. GORDON BUCK - Pending New Record Archery Mule Deer

    Gordon Buck, 2018 Mule Deer In this day and age, in a world of self promotion and images that travel faster through social media than wildfire in a dry forest, how does a potential all time world record archery mule deer buck harvested in early September not be seen around the world until now? It starts and ends with a humble guy who is less interested in hype than he is in the hunt. Enter the bowhunter who harvested this once in a generation buck, Justin Gordon of Kamas, Utah. His drive and passion for pursuing mature mule deer in the high country has been his focus for nearly two decades. He's humbly gone about honing his craft and skill, all the while refining his equipment selection in order to spend time on public land, in true DIY (Do It Yourself) fashion pursuing his dream: to harvest a mature mule deer buck surpassing the magical 200" mark. Gordon Buck, Grip and Grin ONCE IN A GENERATION Continue reading →
  5. Crispi Hunting Boot Discussion Videos

    Crispi Huning Boots - Learn everything you need to in the 2018 Crispi Hunting lineup from the guys over at CrispiUS - Continue reading →
  6. Elk Calling with Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls

    James Taylor, Prostaff member for Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls and Bugling Bull, takes you through some of the best elk calling diaphragms, open reed calls, and bugle tubes from RMHC. Start watching below, or click over to our  Youtube channel here to see comparisons and demonstrations. Watch on YouTube
  7. Choosing a Bino Case

    What's important to you when selecting a bino pack? We've come a long way in how we carry our binoculars. Hopefully you've moved on from grandpa's antique heavy leather single pocket design. With such a wide selection these days you can be pretty picky on what features are most important. Do you go for new technology like the Badlands Magnetic closure system, keep it simple and...
  8. Sitka Elevated II Pattern

    Building on the science of the old Elevated Forest pattern, Elevated II has been optimized with less foliage and more sky which will lengthen the engagement range and extend seasonal effectiveness to redefine the way people hunt whitetail deer. Not only has Sitka re-engineered the whitetail line to be more resilient, insulated, and quiet, they’ve also improved in the area...

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