Mark Skousen

  1. Is the Sitka Mountain Evo the best early season Bowhunting Jacket?

    Sitka mountain evo I have been running Sitka clothing for over 10 years now, and one of the many attributes I respect about Sitka Gear is there seems to be a significant amount of thought and testing that goes into new gear before it is ever introduced to the market.  I’ve found them to be very innovative and thought leaders in the industry. The recent introduction to the Sitka Mountain Evo Jacket is no different.  After having put the Evo Jacket through some initial testing, I was continually thinking, oh this is why they did this or did that.  So far it has been brilliant; so, kudos to John Barklow and the rest of the Big Game development team for thinking outside the box and developing a piece of technical gear for all types of outdoor enthusiast. Continue reading →
  2. Elk Calling Setup and Tactics

    I’m so pumped that elk season is just around the corner.  In a few short weeks, we will be piling into the backcountry in search of the magical sound of a bugling bull elk.  Even if you are only hunting over the counter tags for spikes or cow elk in Utah, for me, hearing that first bugle of the season is exhilarating.  Getting close enough to that elk for a shot opportunity is a whole different story.  This article will focus on my approach to getting close to elk and setting up on them for an optimal shot opportunity.  Continue reading →

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