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Spring is slowly fading into summer. Many of us have already been out on the mountain after turkeys, bear, or shed horns. Draw results have been announced in most states with a couple states set to release results in the next few weeks.  We have had all winter to think back on the past season and consider what gear worked, what didn’t and what we need to upgrade. This is the time of year for us to start researching and making decisions on what new gear we are going to add to our kit for the upcoming season. With that in mind I wanted to do a quick review on Marmot sleeping bags. Whether you are an experienced backcountry hunter or someone fairly new, Marmot has a bag with specific features and a price point that will work for you. In this write up I will cover a few Marmot specific features and then give a quick example of a Good, Better, and Best option.

Marmot has been making outdoor gear since 1974 and was the first to use Gore-Tex fabrics in sleeping bags. Because of this long history they have been able to fine tune their sleeping bag line with a few specific features not found in other bags.

Marmot Sleeping Bags

Anti Snag Zipper

Marmot uses a combination of an anti snag zipper along with a strip of web material on the inside face of the bag. This effectively eliminates the possibility of a zipper snagging on the inside material of a sleeping bag.

Anatomical Wrap Around Foot Box

Marmot bags tend to be fairly form fitting across the chest, shoulders, hips and legs. The one section that does not follow this shape is the footbox. It is cut taller and more square so your feet can move into a comfortable position.

Strategic fill Insulation

On some Marmot bags they include more insulation in the foot box, hood and shoulders. This provides extra warmth in core spots for a more comfortable night’s sleep.


Good - Marmot Trestles or Trestles Elite

The Trestles and Trestles Elite series is Marmot’s entry level sleeping bag line. These are synthetic insulation bags at a great price point. These bags have been extremely popular for years, do to their low price and high features design. Ranging in price from 99.99 for the Trestle 30 to 179.99 for the Trestles Elite 0. The main difference between the Elite series and the standard Trestle is the insulation in the bags. The Elite series insulation will be a bit lighter and it will compress more than the Standard Trestles.

Better - Sawtooth 15 Down or Ultra Elite 20 Synthetic

The Sawtooth series has been Marmots best selling bag for years. A full 650 fill down sleeping bag that weighs in at 2 lbs 8 oz. for 229.00 The Best Value in a full down sleeping bag.

Ultra Elite 20 Filled with the state of the art ElixeR Micro Synthetic insulation. At $199.00 this is one of the lightest most compact fully featured synthetic bags on the market.

Best - Phase 20

This is the Cream of the crop down bag from Marmot. 850 fill down 20 degree bag that weighs in at 1 lb 7 oz. 20 degree bags don't get much lighter or more compact than this bag!

Hopefully some of your questions have been answered, but if you have any other questions about these or any other sleeping bags please feel free to give us a call and chat with one of our Gear Guides they are always available to answer any questions you may have.