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Montana Decoy Antelope Fawn Predator Decoy

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  • Weight: 22.5oz
  • Unfolded: 31in x 28in
  • Folded: 10in x 10in

Product Description

Western predator hunters now have the all new Antelope Fawn predator decoy as a tool to use during fawning season or anytime young antelope are being targeted by predators.

“Antelope fawns can be a key food source for predators during certain times of the year,” said Jerry McPherson, Montana Decoy Founder. “Our Antelope Fawn is something totally new that hard hunted predators have never seen before, making it a great addition to any calling set up.”

Like all Montana Decoys, the new Antelope Fawn is lightweight, super easy to transport and built from an actual photo of a wild animal for ultimate realism. This hyper-realistic decoy folds up small enough to easily carry all day without worrying about extra weight.