Barronett Blinds

Barronett Blinds Prowler 300 Hunting Blind

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  • 80" tall for standing shots
  • Adjustable windows can be oriented vertically and horizontally for archery and firearm hunting
  • Low profile windows offer more shooting options
  • Replaceable shoot-through mesh for broad-head use only
  • Includes carry bag, ground stakes and tie-down ropes
  • Fabric: 150 Denier
  • Height: 80"
  • Shooting Width: 75" x 75"
  • Footprint: 59" x 59"
  • Weight: 14 lb.
  • Capacity: 2-Person
  • Door Style: Vertical Corner
  • Height To Bottom of Window(s): 47" Center, 25" Corner
  • Window Openings: 8
  • Fabric Window System: Zippered
  • Mesh Window System: Toggle & Loop
  • Ground Skirt: No
  • Brush Holders: No
  • Ground Stakes: 8 Ground Stakes

Product Description

The Prowler 300 was designed with the archer in mind. The Prowler 300 stands 80" tall, allowing most archers enough room to shoot while standing. With multiple, low profile shoot-through mesh window configurations you'll have the perfect combination of concealment and shooting options.