Sitka Gear Element Whitetail Shortsleeve Tee [2018]

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  • Fabric: 85% Polyester + 15% Cotton Blend
  • DriRelease - patented combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers
  • Material dries 4x faster than cotton, wont shrink or lose shape
  • Moisture wicking removes perspiration, FreshGuard prevents odors
  • Lightweight high-performance athletic wear, sportswear, intimates or sleepwear.

Product Description

Big Game Element Shortsleeve Tee by Sitka Gear is suited as high performance athletic wear, sportswear, or sleepwear. Moisture wicking prevents perspiration, will not shrink, and FreshGuard prevents odors. The blend of synthetic and natural fibers in DriRelease yarn accelerates the water release rate of Sitka's fabrics.

Whitetail Element T-Shirt's have the following features:
  • DriRelease pushes water and perspiration outside the shirt
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Shortsleeve
  • eco friendly