AccuBow - Training Device

The AccuBow Archery Training Aid effectively targets and strengthens every muscle fiber involved in shooting your bow. With this training system you will be able to increase your pulling strength, holding stability and shooting stamina. Through the use of the built-in laser sight, you can effectively train the mind-muscle connection needed to be a consistently accurate archer. The AccuBow will allow you to increase your physical capacity, practice proper mechanics, and eliminate bad habits such as target panic, canting and rushing through your shot during the moment of truth. Performance training is a necessity for all sports from football to archery. AccuBow's Goal is to provide the archery community with a product that can provide all archers from beginners to experts with a way of improving their abilities outside of the range and the field. The most effective way to do this was to design a product that feels just like your actual bow when you draw it back. AccuBow - Training Device

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