You’ll never find a more technical and more tested product out there in the hunting industry over Sitka Gear's Performance Hunting and Archery Gear. Sitka clothing offers a full line of products and systems which have all been divided up into specific categories so you get the best gear suited for that specific hunting style as well as the best pattern for the species you're on the pursuit for. Sitka Gear’s goal is to elevate the standard which all other hunting gear brands are measured.

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  1. Sitka Merino 330 Gloves
    Sitka Merino 330 Gloves
    As low as $49.00
  2. SITKA Kelvin HyperDown Jacket
    SITKA Kelvin HyperDown Jacket
    As low as $449.00
  3. New
    Sitka Flash Optics Harness
    Sitka Flash Optics Harness
    As low as $169.00
  4. Sitka Women's Ascent Pants
    Sitka Women's Ascent Pants
    As low as $199.00
  5. Sitka Ambient 100 Vest
    Sitka Ambient 100 Vest
    As low as $199.00
  6. On Sale
    Sitka Core Lightweight Boxer
    Sitka Core Lightweight Boxer
    As low as $39.00
  7. New
    Sitka Ambient 75 Hoodie
    Sitka Ambient 75 Hoodie
    As low as $279.00
  8. Sitka Jetstream Jacket
    Sitka Jetstream Jacket
    As low as $349.00
  9. Sitka Core Merino 330 Hoody
    Sitka Core Merino 330 Hoody
    As low as $249.00
  10. Sitka Core Merino 120 Long Sleeve Crew
    Sitka Core Merino 120 Long Sleeve Crew
    As low as $119.00
  11. Sitka Heavyweight Hoody
    Sitka Heavyweight Hoody
    As low as $149.00
  12. Sitka Lowland Vest
    Sitka Lowland Vest
    As low as $149.00
  13. Sitka Drifter 50L Duffle
    Sitka Drifter 50L Duffle
    As low as $169.00
  14. Sitka Kelvin AeroLite Jacket
    Sitka Kelvin AeroLite Jacket
    As low as $329.00
  15. Sitka Dew Point Jacket
    Sitka Dew Point Jacket
    As low as $349.00
  16. Sitka Mountain Pant
    Sitka Mountain Pant
    As low as $209.00
  17. Sitka Core Lightweight Hoody - Subalpine
    Sitka Core Lightweight Hoody
    As low as $129.00
  18. Sitka Grinder Hoody
    Sitka Grinder Hoody
    As low as $179.00
  19. On Sale
    Sitka Mountain Evo Jacket
    Sitka Mountain Evo Jacket
    As low as $220.00 Regular Price $329.00
  20. Sitka Core Merino 120 Hoody
    Sitka Core Merino 120 Hoody
    As low as $169.00
  21. Sitka Core Merino 220 Bottoms
    Sitka Core Merino 220 Bottoms
    As low as $129.00
  22. Sitka Core Merino 330 Half-Zip
    Sitka Core Merino 330 Half-Zip
    As low as $219.00
  23. Sitka Intercept Pants
    Sitka Intercept Pants
    As low as $289.00
  24. Sitka Intercept Hoody
    Sitka Intercept Hoody
    As low as $249.00