Dan Staton is the creator of ElkShape and part founder of The Elk Collective. Needless to say, Dan lives, eats, and breathes elk hunting. If you haven’t heard his ElkShape podcast and you want to become a better elk hunter, now is the time. 

Dan is a very respected hunter in the industry and he has earned every ounce of it. He has a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to what hunting gear is best. He's a straight shooter and will not endorse something if he doesn’t truly believe in it. Because Dan has been such a successful hunter, we have created a gear list below highlighting all the different products he uses.

“Separation is in the preparation” is one of Dan’s favorite sayings. Why? Because his preparation is what separates him from being simply good to being great!

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    ElkShape Hybrid 26 Vanes - 40 Pack
    ElkShape Hybrid 26 Vanes - 40 Pack
    As low as $11.99