Hartcraft Broadheads

WHAT'S THE SCOOP?! Hartcraft Broadheads revolutionary "Scooptail" accomplishes several things from both an accuracy and in-flight perspective as well as a penetration/performance perspective. With three scoops on every Hartcraft broadhead ferrule located near the tail of the broadhead, the scoops channel wind simultaneously on all three sides to stabilize the broadhead in flight. Because of this increased stability, you'll find considerably less wind drift when shooting.

As a Hartcraft Scooptail Broadhead penetrates tissue, the scoops act like snowplows tossing tissue aside and opening up a tremendous wound channel which causes explosive blood trails. Because of this huge passageway, you're more likely to pass-through for increased blood trails.

The versatility of the Hartcraft X-change is also something you won't find in any another broadhead line. The scooptail ferrule is universal which means you can take any big game or turkey replacement blades and interchange them as needed!

Hartcraft Broadheads

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