Avery GHG Pro-Grade Mallards Harvester Pack

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  • 12 pack of decoys
  • Amazing Pro-Grade paint schemes
  • Precise anatomy and feather detail
  • Full Plumage paint schemes
  • 60/40 DURA-KEEL
  • Manufacturer Warranty: One Year Guarantee
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 73117

Product Description

12 pack of mallard decoys. These feature the amazing Pro-Grade paint job that give it an amazingly realistic look. Extreme details in the feathers, and anatomy of the duck give you the right size and proportions for the spread. Full plumage details give the decoys the look of those nice big northern mallards. The 60-40 Dura-Keel gives you the durability and weight you need to keep your decoys right side up.

Includes - 1 Each surface feeder drake and hen, 1 Each swivel head drake and hen, 1 Each rester drake and hen, 1 Each “No-Head” drake and hen, 1 Active drake, and 1 Surface skimmer drake