Badlands Scope Cover

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    Available in Small and Large sizes
    stretch fit design makes the cover universal

    Small size specs
    Maximum scope length - 14.5"
    Minimum scope length - 8"
    Maximum scope diameter - 57mm

    Large size specs
    Maximum scope length (large) - 16.5"
    Minimum scope length (large) - 10"
    Maximum scope diameter - 70mm

    Manufacture Item Number: 21-37084; 21-37388; 21-37390; 21-37389
    Manufacture Warranty: Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

Product Description

Your scope can be the difference between success or gut-wrenching, never forget the sight of the dirt kicking up just over his back for the rest of your life failure. Why not protect your investment from the abuses of the hunt? Full coverage for both lenses and a universal, stretch-fit design ensures your scope will be ready when it‘s time to squeeze the trigger.