BlackOvis Tundra Bino Harness Hand Warmer Muff

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  • Bino Harness Attachment
  • 150g of 3M Thinsulate Insulation
  • Back zipper for extra items
  • Long webbing strap to fit any size waist
  • Heat pack pocket
Product Description

Keep your hands warm and dry in the worst conditions with the BlackOvis Tundra Handmuff. With 150g of 3M Thinsulate Insulation, graphene lining, and ultra-soft fleece on the inside, the Tundra is extremely comfortable on those bone chilling days.

The Tundra is bino harness compatible thanks to two clip attachments that allow the Tundra to hang from the bottom of most bino harnesses. This is ideal for western big game hunting as well as tree stand hunting if you're running a bino harness. Like most handmuffs, it also has a waist strap if you want to run it without the bino harness attachment. Thanks to a horizontal storage pocket on the back side you can keep small items close or put a handwamer inside to increase warmth of the Tundra. Additionally there is an internal pocket specifically built for hand warmers. Last but not least, the elasticized fleece cuffs keep warmth inside and cold winds from penetrating the Tundra. Don't let cold hands keep you from making the shot by using the BlackOvis Tundra Handmuff.