Bloodsport Scooptail Turkey Fixed Blade Broadheads

Bloodsport Scooptail Turkey Fixed Blade Broadheads

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  • Comes in Lopper or Body Shot Option
  • Unique Scooptail Design
  • 100% Stainless Steel Design
  • Self-centering insert
  • Cutting Diameter: Body Shot - 1 1/8"+ ; Lopper - 2 3/8"
  • Reversible Blades (Sharp on both sides)
  • Blades are suspended on either end so they don't touch the ferrule
  • X-Change - uses the same ferrule for the whole lineup
  • Weight: 100 Grains
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Workmanship Guaranteed
  • Manufacturer Item Number: BODY SHOT; LOPPER

Put a turkey on your table this season with help from Bloodsport Broadheads. The Bloodsport Scooptail Turkey Fixed Blade Broadhead comes in two options to fit your specific hunting needs: Body Shot & Lopper.

The Body shot is great for getting a shot off fast, quick and to get the job done as quick as possible. The Reverse angle blades funnel and cut the ultra-elastic tissue of a turkey that tends to slide around standard blades, resulting in having troubles in the field. The Body shot also shoots great through mesh blind windows.

The Lopper on the other hand is the head shot that cleans toms heads clean off. It sounds gruesome but it gets the job done as quick as possible. This option also shoots through blind mesh but since the blades are so big make sure to keep your shots closer.

Bloodsport Broadheads features an X-Change universal modular design. The Bloodsport Scooptail ferrule is universal. It will take all Bloodsport blades, big game or turkey. This allows you to reuse undamaged ferrules and buy replacement blades as needed or using the same ferrule for each and every design.