Bearosol Holster

Richard Siberell has been a product designer for outdoor brands for many years. He’s also a mountain biker and hunter who spends lots of time in bear country. He remembers a ride once when he and his partner were on a ride with bear spray canisters strapped to their bikes with ski straps. His partner went over the handlebars and fell on the canister, pushing it into the frame’s boss screws, puncturing the can and coating her in bear spray. Not good.

There had to be a better way, Siberell figured, so he designed one.

He’s recently released it and it’s called the Bearosol holster. It’s a simple idea, really. It comes with a mount for bike handlebars, a clip to attach the holster to a belt or backpack, and a hand strap so runners can have it, well, handy, while they’re on the trail.

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    Bearosol Holster Bear Spray Holster
    Bearosol Holster Bear Spray Holster
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