Core 4 Element Gear

Core 4 Element is built for the Core Hunter that defies the Elements of Nature and man. Core 4 Element is unique hunting apparel that looks, feels, and functions like it were born in the mountains. Flourishing in the roughest climates and most intense environments, C4E pushes the limits beyond the norm in pursuit of the finest camo hunting clothes. Whether you are hunting in the Northwest Territories, in the Midwest, or in a concealed basin in the Rockies, Core 4 Element jackets, pants vests and apparel performs like your camo hunting clothes should. C4E has innovative construction and fabrics, an ergonomic fit, and the passion for hunting success. Simply put, Core 4 Element was built with the hardcore hunter in mind.

Core4Element is no longer in business which means we will be getting no more inventory from this brand.

Core4Element Camo Hunting Colthing and Apparel
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