Fjallraven has chosen to use materials of animal origin – such as wool, down and leather – when no synthetic, man-made material can be used to offer the same functionality. But this doesn’t mean they support the mistreatment of animals or methods that hurt or cause undue suffering – quite the contrary.

Through their Code of Conduct, their suppliers must ensure their animals are treated humanely and Fjallraven is working hard to ensure full traceability in all their animal-product supply chains. They've already achieved this with their down and now Fjallraven is setting their sights on wool and leather.

  1. Fjallraven Abisko Lite Trekking Trousers - Dark Grey
    Fjallraven Abisko Lite Trekking Pant
    As low as $175.00
  2. Fjallraven Keb Pant - Deep Forest / Laurel Green
    Fjallraven Keb Pant
    As low as $225.00
  3. Fjallraven High Coast Hike Pant - Mountain Grey
    Fjallraven High Coast Hike Pant
    As low as $135.00