Bugling Bull Diaphragms

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls

Rocky Mountain and Bugling Bull laid the ground work for producing the best and highest quality diaphragms. Rocky, the owner of the company, actually designed and patented the Diaphragm call that we all know and use today and it was because of him that records have been broken and we are able to produce the sounds we make. In August 2015, to commemorate the 2015 Kamiah Firestorm that devastated their region and land, including Rocky's own home. From the ashes, the new FIRESTORM LATEX was introduced. The newly designed latex helps obtain better pitches, gives you better quality sound and even extends the durability of each and every diaphragm. Call em' in, open up that diaphragm and utilize the best calls in the world!

If you've ever struggled with getting that perfect fit when it comes to Diaphragm calls be sure to check out our new Bugling Bull "Mouth Chart"

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls
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