Clean-Shot Nock Out Lighted Nocks 3-Pack
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Clean-Shot Nock Out Lighted Nocks 3-Pack

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  • Comes with 3 lighted nock systems
  • Fits in G, X, H, & S/GT Size arrows
  • Weight: 21-24 grains (Depending on bushing size)
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Workmanship Guaranteed
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 85-1052; 85-1051; 85-1050

The Nock Out Lighted Nocks are the first of their kind! Utilizing a true universal fit system, Clean-Shot has tapped in to utilizing one sized nock system while supplying you with 3 different size nock bushings to get the exact and toughest hold, ensuring a perfect fit and performance. No matter if you use a variety of arrow shafts or have a family of archers, you won't need to purchase multiple lighted nocks ever again. It also can be a great idea for a gift, knowing that it will always fit whatever arrow they are shooting! The LED light is highly visible, even on the sunniest of days and will give you the knowledge of knowing where your arrow is at all times in flight. Easy install, easy on and off, and Universal Fit. Can it get any better? The answer is yes! Be sure to check out the Chameleon color which allows you to switch the color of your nock simply by getting a magnet close to it. The possibilities are truly endless!

Why Clean-Shot?
  • Practice Mode: A simple 1/4 turn of the silver activation collar deactivates the LED. Now, you can decide if you want the LED to light or not.
  • Easy Off: Simply pull the nock straight back until you hear a soft "click" and the LED turns off - no tools, no magnets, and it remains indexed to your vanes. Lighted nocks shouldn't take longer to turn off than they take to shoot.
  • Universal Fit: Each 3-pack includes 3 sets of precision orange bushings to fit the 5 most common carbon arrow shafts on the market (total of 9 bushings per 3 pack).
  • Incredible Chameleon Color Changing Option (Select Chameleon in color drop-down)

Video -What is Chameleon?