Cuddeback Ambush IR Trail Camera

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This product has been discontinued.
  • 1/4-Second Trigger Speed
    At 1/4 second, Ambush's Trigger Speed is fast enough to catch a deer running over 20 feet per second!
  • Centered Subject Technology
    Combines fast animal with fast trigger speed to assure you'll get more deer centered in the image
  • Video Plus
    Ambush IR takes high-quality 10-second videos both day and night--plus you get a still image.
  • Smartcolor Image Technology
    During the day, Ambush IR takes color images which feature Cuddeback's SmartColor Image Technology.
  • Genius Mount System
    It's never been easier to mount your Cuddeback.
  • No Card Mode
    Forget or lose your SD card? Ambush IR will still take images.
  • 6-Month Battery Life
    Ambush IR can take over 10,000 images on a set of batteries.
  • Correctly Exposed IR
    Infared images have historically been prone to overexposure. Cuddeback technology assures proper exposure.
  • Super Simple Setup
    A rotary knob, two buttons, and a switch operate everything
  • Beyond Moon Phase
    Get precise moon and sun information with Trophy Room
  • Test Mode
    Make sure your Ambush IR is properly aimed with Test Mode
Product Description

The Ambush IR is the compact Cuddeback camera! Featuring Cuddeback's legendary 1/4-second trigger speed, Centered Subject Technology and a 5-second delay, Ambush IR gives you more pictures of game and fewer blank images!

Ambush IR also features excellent battery life (it operates on 8-AA batteries) and Correctly Exposed IR Technology, which means reduced flash washout and consistently even IR illumination.