Dead Down Wind Wind Checker
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Dead Down Wind Wind Checker

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  • Weight: 0.4
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 2003BC

The Dead Down Wind, Wind Checker with micro ESP® enzyme powder improves your hunt in the field or game on the course by giving you a visual cloud of wind direction. They are perfect for stalking, long distant shooting or any sport you can think of.

  • Twice the volume / value of most other brands
  • Nano particles carry further and are most effective in a wider range of wind conditions
  • The quality controls on particle size are within a single micron, 1.5-2.5 microns to ensure consistent delivery of the perfect cloud. A human hair is 50-75 microns thick.
  • Totally Odorless!
  • Micro ESP® enzyme powder helps maintain a scent free environment unlike other talc or powders that generally carry a signature odor.