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Easton Aftermath Half-Dozen Fletched Arrows

As low as $56.99
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  • Grains/Inch: 300 - 10.2 gpi
  • Fletchings: 2" Blazer Vanes (3)
  • Qty per pack: 6
  • Spine:300
  • Length: 31"
  • Diameter: 9/32 (H)
  • Made in the USA
Product Description

All the benefits of high-strength carbon and Easton's H Series diameter at a price that leaves you enough cash to put gas in the truck. Utilizing a small diameter for improved penetration and carbon fiber for durability, the Easton Carbon Aftermath has everything you need to drop wild game in its tracks. This arrow packs all of the key features that you are looking for in a hunting arrow and you will love the penetration and how they fly. The straightness tolerance is .005" +/- which means your groupings are still going to hold tight. Practice, hunt, aim, shoot and see the Aftermath for yourself!