Easton FMJ 6MM Half-Dozen Arrows

Easton FMJ 6MM Half-Dozen Arrows

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Size Chart
  • Comes in a 6-Pack
  • Straightness: +/- .003
  • H Nock
  • ST RPS 8-32 inserts - Included
  • Weight: 320 spine - 10.6 gpi; 390 Spine - 9.7 gpi; 470 Spine - 8.8 gpi
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Workmanship Guaranteed
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 826341|TF; 626342|TF; 426343|TF

Take your traditional setup to a whole new level with the Axis Traditional's! Getting in to the smaller size arrows on Traditional set-up is great because you get a higher kinetic energy readout, not only that but since it is a smaller diameter, the inner walls will be thicker which makes an overall stiffer shaft, which if you know anything about shooting stick bows, having the correct spine is going to be crucial for enhancing your accuracy and trad bows just shoot stiffer arrows better.

  • Reduced Diameter Carbon Core w/ 7075 metal jacket
  • Easy Target pull and less wind drag then standard carbon
  • High Quality Graphics that won't wear