Easton FMJ Bowfishing Arrow

Easton FMJ Bowfishing Arrow

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  • Highly advanced dual-material construction makes Full Metal Jacket different than all other bow fishing arrows.
  • Mayhem double-barbed steel point with patent-pending heat-treated Cyclone tip
  • Dual material construction – full metal jacketed fiberglass
  • Shaft-rotate barb release
  • AMS Mayhem Point with Cyclone Tip
  • Conventional Nock
  • 32" length
  • Shaft only: 27.3 gpi
  • Total assembled weight: 1340 grains
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 625205|TF
  • Made in USA

Take your bowfishing setup up a notch with the dual-material construction in Easton's FMJ Bowfishing Arrow. Unlike any other bowfishing arrow, a fiberglass shaft is jacketed in 7075 aerospace-grade aluminum for superior penetration through water and deadly point-of-impact pass-throughs. Comes tipped with AMS Mayhem point with Cyclone® tip. Special barbs lie flat while in flight and expand to 2.5" on impact. Heat-treated 400-series stainless steel Cyclone tips are spiraled for maximum penetration and strength. Twist the shaft to release the barbs. Equipped with AMS Safety Slide system

  • Fiberglass shaft wrapped in 7075 aluminum
  • Barbs expand to 2.5" on impact
  • Highly advanced dual-material construction - Full Metal Jacketed fiberglass
  • Fiberglass shaft jacketed in 7075 aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Great for all fish, deeper water, and heavier draw weights
  • AMS Mayhem double-barbed steel point w/ heat-treated Cyclone tip
  • Shaft-rotate barb release
  • AMS Safety Slide installed