Elk101 Backcountry Extreme Elk Call Combo Pack

Elk101 Backcountry Extreme Elk Call Combo Pack

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  • Kit Includes: Pack "A" Bull Bugle Calling System, Who's YRR Daddy Elk Call, Elk101 All-Star Diaphragm, and Extreme Bugle Tube Extender
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The ultimate backcountry elk calling combo kit for those hard core backcountry elk hunters that are looking to go in light and slim down their overall size of their gear. This kit features the Who's YRR Daddy Cow Elk Call, Elk101 All Star Diaphragm Call, The Pack "A" Bull Elk Bugle, and the Extreme Bugle Tube Extender.

The New Extreme Bugle Tube Extender is going to change the way you look at the Pack "A" Bull Bugle. By adding this extender to the Pack "A" Bull tube you can now have that deep tone you love from the Extreme Elk Tube you have been carrying around for a few seasons now. This allows you to keep your bulky calls slim and out of the way.

This is not your ordinary open reed call! Two calls in one to bring the Big Daddy within range! Squeezable end cap helps to change tone and volume. Along with producing the standard mews and chirps of cows and calves, various pitches can be created by pressing the tone button. This new innovation produces the excited, hot nasally cow sounds that bulls want to hear.

Single light latex. Bull, cow & calf sounds. The All-Star might be the most versatile diaphragm elk call….ever! A collaboration of designs by World Champion Elk Callers Rockie and Corey Jacobsen, the Elk101.com “ALL-STAR” Tone Top Diaphragm creates the most realistic, easy-to-obtain elk sounds with ease. This is an Elk tone top diaphragm.

This kit comes in at $61.85, but is sold together for $55.50. By buying this kit you save 10% and receive FREE SHIPPING on your order when you place it through Elk101. You can't buy the extender tube separately. This is a special kit we came up with to partner with Bugling Bull Game Calls. Check out the video below to hear the difference in the Pack "A" Bull extender and the Extreme Bully Bull Tube.

Combo Pack Includes:
  • (1) - Extreme Bugle Tube Extender
  • (1) - Elk101 All-Star Diaphragm
  • (1) - Pack "A" Bull Bugle Calling System
  • (1) - Who's YRR Daddy Elk Call

Video - Bugling Bull Elk101 Backcountry Extreme Call Combo