Heads Up Decoy Bow Mount

Heads Up Decoy Bow Mount

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  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Warranty for Manufacturing Defects
  • Manufacturer Item Number: BMT910

The Heads Up Decoy Bow Mount came to the product line-up after several trips around the US by Heads Up Decoy. Heads Up Bow Mount has helped revolutionize the Heads Up Decoy concept. Every decoy design fits into the Bow Mount...although it was designed for the Antelope...it's captured the imagination and excitement of archery hunters everywhere. It's particularly fun to use with the turkey decoy.

The Bow Mount, with its sturdy aluminum design and precise machining, can be custom fit to a stabilizer with a 5/16 fine thread hole in the end, between a stacker type stabilizer, between the stabilizer and the riser, (we recommend a stabilizer with the 5/16 fine thread in the end for full functionality), or for you traditional guys...purchase the "Gadget Adapter" and the Bow Mount bolt's right in. Because the Bow Mount rotates along its contact point, the archer can position the decoy in the correct posture without interfering with your sight window or arrow flight channel. The Bow Mount is sold with a spring pin and 5/16 fine thread button head bolt. Inside the square tubing of the Bow Mount is round plastic tubing that provides a snug fit around the decoy handle to keep it from rattling in the Bow Mount for a quiet arrow release.

The handle of every Heads Up Decoy slides into the Bow Mount. You will need to tap the spring pin into the optimal position for correct decoy posture and to provide as much cover for you and your equipment without changing your shot. You will slide the foam grip off the decoy handle and align the notch with the spring pin. This keeps the decoy from spinning in the Bow Mount.

Specific instructions accompany the Bow Mount. We strongly recommend practicing with the decoy attached to your bow prior to your hunt. You may find that you will need a more aggressive grip, otherwise, you should not see a difference in your shot.

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