Last Chance Archery

Last Chance Archery ReachIt Wrench Tool

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  • Tools Included: Stubby Hex Keys - .050”, 1/16”, 5/64”, 3/32”, 7/64”, 1/8”, 9/64”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 7/32”, 1/4”, Hex Bit Socket, Hex Bit - #1 Phillips Head, #2 Phillips Head, #2 Phillips Head, #3 Flat Head, #5 Flat Head , Torx 10, Torx 15, Torx 20, Torx 25, Torx 27, Torx 30, Torx 40
  • 24 tools in 1
  • Strong and durable design
  • Hex wrenches and hex bits included
  • Carry case included that is very easy to mount to your stool or your quiver
  • Built to use in tight areas
Product Description

The ReachIt Wrench from Last Chance Archery is the first tool of its kind. This tool combines the convenience of the standard Hex Key "SET" with the uniqueness of "stubby" Hex Keys. This tools explicitly made for reaching screws inside tight spots. Other ReachIt Wrench features include a hex bit socket that can hold any standard hex bit, an assortment of hex bits, and a carrying case. The ReachIt Wrench "SET" is perfect for working with your equipment, in your workshop, around your home, or throughout your day to day activities.