Montana Decoy Eichler Elk Decoy
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Montana Decoy Eichler Elk Decoy

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  • Weight: 39 oz. (including poles)
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 47
  • Folded Dimensions: 19x12

Fred Eichler’s tweaks make this Montana elk decoy even easier to use. The Eichler Elk decoy includes a string hanging system and leg poles.​ “The Montana Hunting Decoy is quick to use but you don’t always have time to set up the leg poles or you’re not hunting on ground that is soft enough to push them in! I’ve been playing around with strings attached to the decoy as a different way to set them up for years. It works great and it’s fast and easy.” - Fred Eichler. Eichler has put together a DVD of his best tips, tactics and hunts to help users understand better how he hunts elk and what he’s learned from years of experience and this DVD is included free with each Eichler Elk.