Montana Decoy Miss Muley Decoy

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  • Weight : 30 oz.
  • Unfolded: 40" x 38"
  • Folded: 14” x 15”
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Workmanship Guaranteed

Product Description

The secret of many successful mule deer hunters is using a decoy to stalk bucks or lure them into bow range. It just makes sense. For that reason, Montana Decoy has created a one designed for the avid mule deer hunter. In stalking situations, the life-size body of this decoy gives you cover when there isn’t much. Its realistic pose will grab the attention of rutting mule deer bucks and offer a distraction as you take a shot. Like every decoy we create, the photo-realistic body pops open in the blink of an eye and folds down tight to the size of a dinner plate. Compatible with the Quickstand (sold separately)

  • Folds downs to easily pack into the most remote locations
  • Use it to stalk or stake in the ground
  • Fits the Quickstand* for better spot-and-stalk performance
  • Made from an HD Photo of a real mule deer.