MTN OPS Peak Performance Combo

MTN OPS Peak Performance Combo

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Combo Includes:
  • (1) - Enduro - Cardio Enhancemenet
  • (1) - Ascent - High Altitude Performance
  • (1) - MTN OPS Rugged Cap
  • Manufacturer Warranty: MTN OPS 30 Day Guaranteed
  • Manufacturer Item Number: MTNOPSSPPC; MTNOPSEN1; MTNOPSAS1; MTNOPSBH05
  • Made in the USA

When ascending to higher altitudes, individuals may experience severe symptoms such as—headache, nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, drowsiness, disturbed sleep, fatigue and death. Eliminate these symptoms with our Peak Performance Combo.

Ascent’s “breath-giving” formula remedies the body’s demanding respiratory system at high altitudes. It also contains an Adaptogenic Complex—a unique group of herbal ingredients that improve the health of your adrenal system, the system in charge of managing your body’s hormonal response to stress.

While eliminating stress and sickness, Enduro™ works in concert with your body’s cardiovascular system to increase hydration, performance, and endurance while ascending. Enduro™ is designed with a special ingredient called L-Arginine—a naturally occurring amino acid that helps increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and cells of the body through dilation. The black pepper extract and bio protected blend in Enduro™ increase absorption of nutrients to the body. The increased circulation and blood flow allows for the cells of the body to be hydrated and perform their proper functions including that of energy output.

Consolidate, eliminate, and elevate your game to new heights with the Peak Performance Combo.