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  • This is the Pre-wash for all of NIKWAX Products
  • Comes in a 10 oz Bottle
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Workmanship Guaranteed
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 141

The NIKWAX BaseWash® effectively cleans, deodorizes, inhibits the build up of body odors, accelerates drying and improves cooling efficiency of synthetic base layers.

  • Easy to use as it cleans and conditions at the same time.
  • Refreshes your synthetic base layers by deodorizing and maintains freshness by preventing odor build up when in use.
  • Enhances and revitalizes the wicking properties of synthetic base layers and increases breathability. This helps the fabric to spread sweat, dry quickly, and keep you more comfortable in all conditions.
  • Outperforms household detergents and fabric conditioners at improving wicking, accelerating drying, and removing and preventing odor.