Outdoorsmans Fluid Head

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  • Weight: 23 Oz.
  • 100% Billet aluminum
  • Fluid pan and tilt similar to a pro video head.
  • Supports 20+ lb.
  • 4-Position swappable handle
  • Dampening fluid pockets
  • Interchangeable jaws for Manfrotto and Arca plates
  • Works with BTX Balance Rail
Product Description

For years, Outdoorsmans customers have been asking us about producing a larger version of their existing Pan Head that can tackle the big jobs of the glassing and shooting world. Once again the masterminds at Rim Country Manufacturing have knocked it out of the park.

The Fluid Head offers a smooth-as-glass pan and tilt and as always is made completely from billet aluminum. As always, weight is our number one concern. This indestructible piece of equipment only weighs 23 ounces. That is nearly half the weight of similar styled pan heads.

If you are currently using Arca Swiss style quick release plates you are in luck, and if you are using Manfrotto style quick release plate you are ALSO in luck. The Outdoorsmans Fluid Head comes with two sets of jaws that can be installed to accommodate both Arca and Manfrotto style plates.