Ramcat Fixed Blade Broadhead

Ramcat Fixed Blade Broadhead

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  • Offset Steel Blade Design
  • Cutting Diameter: 1 3/8"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.32"
  • Blades sharpened on front and rear
  • One stainless steel piece
  • Weight: 100 g. or 125 g.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Workmanship Guaranteed

The Original Ramcat! This head changed the broadhead world by incorporating smaller rear positioned blades instead of the conventional front to read designs. What this allowed was greater accuracy in flight and higher Kinetic Energy on impact. Ramcat utilizes what they call "Drafting" in which their patented deep lobes in the cutting tip create an air foil that drafts the winds over the blades and pretty much cuts out any windplanning. What this means is that as wind starts to pick up, you can count that your broadhead will stay streamline and deadly accurate!

Another unique feature that the Ramcat's have is it's "Hydrofoil" Technology. Once in the animal, the lobes created a hydrofoil which pretty much forces the mass outward and reduces friction down the arrow shaft which results in a deeper penetrations as well as more kinetic energy stored. Shoot one for yourself to see what they are all about. They might change the way you view a fixed blade!

  • Offset and Stealth blade design
  • The blades are .032″ thick for strength and have no blade windows
  • The replacement blades are sharpened front and rear to create a backcut if the head does not pass through the animal. It will cut its way back out!
  • One piece stainless steel body construction
  • Field point Accuracy thanks to its Drafting and Hydrofoil Technologies