Rocky Maxprotect Rainwear Jacket

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  • Material: Waterproof Polyester
  • Weight: Less than 1 lb
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Materials and Workmanship
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 600381
Product Description

This Rocky Athletic Mobility Level 3 Rainwear Jacket offers you maximum protection against the elements, which makes it the perfect outerwear to have on during all of your outdoor and hunting excursions. Its fantastic resistance to water allows you to remain dry throughout the course of the day and because the fabric is particularly breathable, your level of comfort will stay intact.

One of the superb features that could easily be overlooked on this R.A.M jacket is its hood; with this, you will be able to shield your head from falling droplets, snowflakes and also from feeling the full impact of frigid airflow. A storm flap prevents the items placed in the front pockets from being subjected to harsh weather conditions. Another highly beneficial factor to consider is how lightweight this outerwear is; if the temperature warms up, it can easily be folded and stored away.

Having detailed imagery and very natural-looking colors used throughout allows the Realtree Xtra® camo to look exceedingly realistic. Wearing this camouflage outdoors helps to conceal your appearance, which makes it possible to blend in with your natural surroundings.

Additional Features
  • Drawstring hood to button down the hatches
  • Front pockets with storm flap
  • Lightweight materials easily pack into the provided pouch for travel
  • Rocky Athletic Mobility Maxprotect Level 3
  • Maxprotect Level 3 for harsher, cooler, and inclement environments, or sedentary physical activities
  • Seam sealed stitching for complete protection from the elements
  • Waterproof breathable barrier blocks wind and water yet allows perspiration to escape