Rocky Mountain Champ Diaphragm Call - Elk101 Signature Series

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  • Lighter latex with a medium stretch
  • Perfect for sweet cow calls
  • Able to hit screaming bugles as well
  • TST (Tone Slotted Technology) slotted chambered Tone Top
  • Designed by and choice of Corey Jacobsen
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Product Description

Designed by Corey Jacobsen in conjunction with Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls for 2019.

"CHAMP: A warrior or a fighter. One that does battle for another’s honor. A proven winner."

Calling elk is no easy task. And finding a diaphragm elk call that will rise to that challenge – day after day, and year after year – can be equally as daunting. The Champ diaphragm elk call, however, is a proven winner that you can count on to consistently perform, regardless of the stage. Designed with a lighter latex, the Champ provides full control over the softest cow/calf sounds, as well as the full range of bull sounds, to make sure your team finds success this season.

The crisp, clear high notes The Champ is able to achieve, coupled with the softest, sweetest cow sounds imaginable, make it an absolute home-run for anyone looking to gain complete control over the sounds their diaphragm elk call makes!

(Note: This is similar to the old Mistress diaphragm)

Video - New Champ Diaphragm

Video - Choosing an Elk Diaphragm