Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls "The Wild" Elk Calling Kit

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls "The Wild" Elk Calling Kit

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  • Kit Includes:
  • Wild Fury Diaphragm Call
  • Wild Frenzy Bugle Tube
  • Wild Thang Cow Call
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 100% Defective Replacement & Simple Workmanship Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
Wild Fury Diaphragm Call:

This call is designed to be placed further forward in your mouth, behind your upper front teeth; this helps to prevent gagging and gives you easier control of the latex. To operate the call, place the Plastic Palate Plate “PPP” upwards to the roof of your mouth, latex down and open end of the diaphragm towards the front of your mouth.

Wild Frenzy Bugle Tube:

The Wild Frenzy is another revolutionary invention by Rockie Jacobsen and Kristy Titus. Their newest breakthrough contains the V.E.T.T. (Volume Enhanced Tone Technology) system as well as their tried and true Tone Selector. With it’s V.E.T.T. (Volume Enhanced Tone Technology) system it creates true, easy to obtain elk sounds. The Tone Selector on the end of the bugle tube gives you the ability to change the volume and control the back pressure on your diaphragm. These two specialized features help you obtain the most realistic bugles possible.

Wild Thang Cow Call:

This newly designed mylar reed and acrylic barrel produces the nasally, three dimensional sounds the bulls respond to during the rut. This call has the exact “sweet”, sexy tonal quality the bulls want to hear during the fall! #143