Rocky Mountain Kristy Titus 132 Wild Frenzy Bugle Tube

Rocky Mountain Kristy Titus 132 Wild Frenzy Bugle Tube

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  • Length: 18"
  • Opening: 1" Including V.E.T.T
  • Great and increasing your sound
  • Designed by and choice of Kristy Titus
  • Manufacture Warranty: 100% Defective Replacement & Simple Workmanship Guarantee
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 132

The Wild Frenzy is another revolutionary invention by Rockie Jacobsen and Kristy Titus. Their newest breakthrough contains the V.E.T.T. (Volume Enhanced Tone Technology) system as well as their tried and true Tone Selector. With it’s V.E.T.T. (Volume Enhanced Tone Technology) system it creates true, easy to obtain elk sounds. The Tone Selector on the end of the bugle tube gives you the ability to change the volume and control the back pressure on your diaphragm. These two specialized features help you obtain the most realistic bugles possible.

The V.E.T.T. system contains a spring, tuned to the right dimensions, inside the specially made adaptor. The spring creates more volume, stabilizes higher notes, has raspier low growls, easier octave changes and takes less air to operate. The spring produces the right amount of vibration to enhance the tone quality and volume that is achieved when bugling into it. This grunt tube comes completely assembled with the spring and adaptor inserted into the tube and is ready to use with your favorite mouth call diaphragm.

The vibration dampener (Tube Tamer) is on the inside of the tube on the large end. This helps enrich the deep sounds for chuckling and eliminates any plastic vibration. No more ‘tuby’ sounds.

The tube is less than 18” in overall length making it easier for packing, while still providing the volume and realistic quality sounds of a larger tube. With its 1” mouth opening and tapered lip adaptor there is more comfort and control of all your bull elk sounds.