Rocky Women's Silenthunter Cargo Pant

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  • Material: Suede Fabric
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Materials and Workmanship
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 602440
Product Description
Featured Specs:
  • 2 Front swing pockets, side cargo pockets, mini cargo pockets, zippered side pockets and hip pockets
  • FemFit tailoring designed and engineered specifically for women
  • Lightweight 4-way stretch fabric
  • 2 side Cargo pockets
  • Adjustable leg openings with shock cords
  • Rocky SIQ Atomic helps control human odor on the microbial level
  • SilentHunter suede fabric, micro-denier fibers accelerate moisture and allow for complete silence in the woods

Two things are absolutely certain… these Rocky women’s SilentHunter cargo pants are tremendously comfortable to wear and they have been designed to fit a woman’s figure. To make them blissfully comfortable, Rocky made these cargo pants out of SilentHunter™ suede fabric; the softness of the fabric is incredible, the fabric’s fibers do a marvelous job at wicking away moisture, it is also an outstandingly lightweight and quiet material so you won’t be weighed down or heard coming from a mile away. FemFit™ tailoring makes certain that these pants fit your body well – it’s not like the oversized men’s apparel that stores try to sell to women– and the comfort stretch waistband is fantastic.

No hunting wear would be complete without the addition of camouflage. Having the shadows, the use of realistic-looking colors and imagery that play off one another so perfectly allow you to keep your presence under wraps outdoors. To give you even more of an advantage, these cargo pants have also been treated with Rocky SIQ Atomic™; this supremely strong scent control will prevent you from releasing odors and since it stops perspiration from gathering on your skin, your legs will remain dry.

Cellular phone, keys, gloves, money, ammunition, a knife… you need to take a lot with you when you set out into the woods. You certainly cannot carry all of these products throughout the day because you need your hands free; keeping that in mind, these camouflage cargo pants have been made with two swing pockets (front), two cargo pockets (zippered) and a back pocket which can also be zipped or left open.

Regardless if you’re hunting or just want to spend the day outdoors, comfortable is assured, you’ll be decked out in the finest-looking camouflage, have scent control and tons of convenient places to store your items. These Rocky Women's SilentHunter Camo Cargo Pants (#602440) are a must-have item!