Suunto Ambit Black - HR

This product has been discontinued.
  • Specialized Outdoor Functions
    • Full-featured GPS with Waypoint and route navigation
    • Unique 3D compass
    • Accurate barometric altitude
    • Barometer
    • Temperature
    • Global and local GPS grids
  • Advanced Training Functions
    • Highly responsive pace and speed (FusedSpeed™) with accelerometer integrated GPS
    • Accurate vertical speed with barometric altimeter
    • Advanced heart rate monitoring with Peak Training Effect and Recovery Time
    • Online sports diary with planning & analysis tools in
    • Compatible with Suunto Bike, Road Bike, and Cadence PODs
  • Mountain and Everyday Exploration
    • Robust BuiltToLast -casing
    • Enhanced battery lifetime; approximate operating time in:
      1. 1. Outdoor mode 50h - with longer GPS tracking interval, suitable for e.g hiking
      2. 2. Training mode 15h - with shorter GPS tracking interval, suitable for e.g running
      3. 3. Watch mode 30 days - watch mode including ABC functions
    • 100 m / 328 ft water resistant (ISO 2281)
    • Upgradeable with new functionalities through

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Product Description

Durability and precision are the essence of Suunto Ambit. Advanced features suit both on and off-season activities for the hardcore explorer. Altitude, location, speed, heart rate, weather conditions – it’s all at your fingertips. And with latest software, you can upgrade your watch to inspire your next adventure. The Suunto Ambit Black - HR package includes Suunto Ambit Black, Suunto ANT Heart Rate Belt, USB power cable, and Quick Guide.

This watch really does it all. And the technology doesn't stop improving after your purchase. Suunto Ambit software can be upgraded through Movescount so you can update all of the latest features and performance enhancements. Settings and other information gathered on Suunto Ambit can be transferred to Movescount so you can better record and monitor trends and training. Suunto has renamed the Training Effect measurement (TE) to Peak Training Effect (PTE). PTE indicates the impact of a training session on your maximum aerobic performance and is most accurate with medium and high intensity training. The measurement is relative to your current fitness level. Going right along with this is a feature called Recovery Time, which is an estimate of how long your body needs to recuperate after training. The time is based on the duration and intensity of the session, as well as the overall fatigue, accumulating even at lower intensities. Movescount can also be used to create routes that can be downloaded to your Suunto Ambit and direct you from waypoint by waypoint (including Points of Interest you may set on your watch).

The Suunto Ambit has also uses the latest in compass and GPS technology. With a conventional compass, you need to hold the compass level to the horizon to get an accurate reading. Suunto’s 3D compasses compensate for tilt, allowing you to get a reading regardless of the angle of your wrist. The integrated GPS used in watches such as Suunto Ambit has a receiver with a very high sensitivity that helps Ambit to find GPS satellites much quicker and get steadier readings. Using a unique combination of GPS and acceleration sensor readings, Suunto introduces a new, patent-pending technology for speed readings called FusedSpeed™. The GPS signal is adaptively filtered based on acceleration, giving a more accurate reading at steady speeds and a quicker response to changes in speed.

Suunto products with BuiltToLast casing have a robust, one-piece composite case with stiff top bezel. The anodized aluminum case and mineral glass display are designed to withstand mechanical shocks and scratching.

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