Truglo Detonator Release

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  • Quiet, fast and accurate.
  • Revolutionary single-jaw design.
  • Comes in multiple options
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 90 Days Guarantee
  • Manufacturer Item Number: TG2560SBC; TG2560MBC; TG2560MBB; TG2560SBB

Product Description

The Truglo Detonator release has a magnetic single jaw hook design for quicker reloading. The strap comes with the patented BOA system technology which allows you to tighten down your strap as tight as you want it to go. This also makes for a much easier and fast way to put your release on.

  • Magnetic hook reload for quicker shots.
  • Streamlined open-hook design for fast and easy loading – perfect for string loops.
  • Ultra-smooth trigger pull with a crisp feel.
  • Unique micro-adjustable trigger tension.
  • Uncompromising rock-solid connection system for ultra-precise length adjustments.
  • Precision stainless steel wear-free jaws.
  • 360-degree rotating head eliminates string torque.
  • BOA® Closure System (patent pending).

Video - Truglo Nitrus Release