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UltraView Archery UV Button Aluminum Thumb Release

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  • ULTRAGLIDE is an advanced self lubricating, internal bushing system that eliminates all unnecessary metal-on-metal contact
  • Low maintenance, smooth, reliable and quiet release
  • Micro-adjust wide ranges of force and travel. The force can be set as feather-light or super-heavy without needing to swap springs
  • Springed D-loop Retainment allows you to keep UV Button on your string without it falling off
  • Hunting Bracket 3rd Finger has a lanyard loop for people who prefer using a wrist lanyard
  • The Contour thumb knob has an ergonomic dished contour with non-slip spiral grooves – ensuring it fits your thumb while creating a tactile repeatable point of reference
  • Unmatched durable Smoke Gray
  • Weight: 3.1oz
Product Description

UV Button is equipped with the new ULTRAGLIDE bushing technology resulting in an incredibly low maintenance, smooth, and reliable release. Designed to perfectly fit your hand - UV Button makes every shot comfortable and consistent. It shares the same profile as The Hinge 2, making the switch between both releases seamless. With a wide range of travel and force adjustment, springed d-loop retainment, wrist strap loop, ergonomic contoured knob, rubber bumper silencing system and highly durable Cerakote finish - nothing was spared and no detail overlooked on UV Button.